Crappie are a wonderful little fish to catch and are favored by many people to eat. They are especially fun to catch while jigging and can be quite challenging at times to catch, that's why having a good selection of jigs can help you catch many crappie. Crappie are a schooling fish that like to hang out in the water column above or at structure which they can use as cover to hide from predators. Crappie are typically an ambush fish not an active predator like bass so they will wait by their structure until unsuspecting prey comes along and the crappie ambushes.


Crappie have very good eyesight so it is important to choose the right color combos for the fishing conditions you will be fishing in. When fishing during the day when the water is clear try using color combos that resemble crappies local food selection, minnows, insects, etc. For days when there is lots of sunshine try using bright color combos like chartreuse, pink, yellow, etc. When fishing at night try using dark colors like black, purple, grey, etc. Crappie will sometimes stop biting the jig you are using just like that without notice, when they do you need to change your jig color combo. During the day as the sun moves across the sky the light penetrating the water refracts and can cause your jig to become "invisible" to the crappie. So put a new color on and keep fishing.


When vertical jigging try to change things up until you find what the crappie are looking for. Sometimes crappie will want the jig moving real slow(boring slow) and sometimes they will want the jig moving fast. Other times they prefer the jig is not moving at all. You can sometimes stimulate a bite when the jig is descending or ascending. Try smaller size jigheads for a slower descend and once your jig is to depth try pulling your line slowly with your reeling hand while moving your rod left or right to try and find the crappie. Another important detail is the depth. Crappie will hang at different depths where the ph and oxygen levels are prime, so you need to find what that depth is and when you do try to keep fishing that depth.